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Frequently Asked Questions
How does this work?

The overall process can be viewed in a detailed Flow Chart. Additional information is provided here:
  1. Create a secure account. This will take you less than a minute.

  2. Once you have your account setup, you are then able to submit information related to your invention by answering a few simple questions. You will also have the opportunity to electronically submit documents, drawings, or photographs that relate to your invention.

  3. Your submission, including any attached files, is then securely maintained in your account, which can be reviewed by you at any time.

  4. An email is sent to you confirming your submission. Added Bonus: You now have a date stamped disclosure document!

  5. Your submission is then reviewed by an attorney who will create a quote for the type of application you have selected. The quote will be emailed to you and also represented as a dollar value due in your account. If you have elected to conduct a Patent Search, the search will begin and the results will be discussed with you.

  6. If the quote for the services is agreeable to you and you wish to proceed with the patent application, you may follow the link provided in the email, or log into your account and complete the payment process there.

  7. Once your payment is received, we begin drafting your application.

  8. When the application is complete, an email notification will be sent to you with the completed application attached.

  9. Once you approve the application and have returned some documents we will provide that require your signature, your application will be filed in the US Patent and Trademark Office.

  10. You will then receive an email confirming the filing, which will include the Application Serial Number and the Filing Date. Your invention is now “Patent Pending.”
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So is there really no fee to submit my idea for a quote?

Yes. How would we know what to charge you for an application if we don’t know what it is yet or how well you described it? Take a little time and read about our pricing Philosophy. It is what makes us truly unique.

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What is the right application for me?

Applications basically come in two varieties, Design Patents and Utility Patents. At the risk of explaining it too simply, a Design Patent protects how an invention looks and a Utility Patent protects how it works or is made. For utility applications, you can select to file either a Provisional Application or a Non-Provisional Application. Provided below is a brief description of each type of application to help you select the right application for you and the price range for each. Additional details about the applications can be found by clicking the provided links.

Before stressing too much about picking the right application, keep in mind that we are going to review your submission before you pay for its preparation. So don’t worry about necessarily picking the right one, right now. Once we review your submission, we will make sure you have the perfect application for your needs.

Design Patent Application
A Design Patent can be a valuable tool for certain types of inventions. If how your invention looks is what is unique about it and makes it valuable (and not necessarily how it works), then a Design Patent may be the best way to go. It is important to keep in mind that a Design Patent only protects the way your invention looks. You should understand that because of this, the protection is limited when compared to a Utility Patent as a Design Patent will not necessarily protect how your invention works or is made. Once filed, you will be able to mark you invention as “Patent Pending.” (more)

Price Range for Complete Preparation and Filing: $750 - $1500

(Includes $400 in drawings and government filing fees.)

Provisional Utility Patent Application
A Provisional Utility Application is a valuable but preliminary step toward obtaining a Utility Patent to protect how your invention works or is made. Once filed, you will be able to mark your invention as “Patent Pending.” However, as the name implies, a “Provisional” Application must always be converted to a Non-Provisional Application for a Utility Patent to eventually issue. This aspect of Provisional Applications creates the situation whereby (when compared to filing a Non-Provisional Application at the onset) a Provisional is generally less expensive to get to the patent pending stage, but more expensive in the long run to get a patent when you consider you would not need this additional step if you were to file a Non-Provisional Utility Application to begin with. A Provisional Application is a good way to go if you want to get to the patent pending stage for less of an upfront investment and then take some time to determine if your invention is marketable before committing the additional funds necessary to file the Non-Provisional Application. You have 12 months to make that determination. Meaning, you need to file a Non-Provisional Application 12 months from the filing date of the Provisional Application to eventually obtain a patent. (more)

Price Range for Complete Preparation and Filing: $1500 - $3000

(Includes $400 in drawings and government filing fees.)

Non-Provisional Utility Patent Application
A Non-Provisional Utility Application is the traditional application to protect how your invention works or is made. Once filed, you are able to mark your product as “Patent Pending” and the wheels toward obtaining your patent begin. A Non-Provisional Application is the way to go if you want to file a complete application and use it as a tool to generate interest in your invention from potential manufacturers or licensees. And when compared to filing a Provisional Application, filing a Non-Provisional at the onset generally results in an application process that is less expense overall and allows you to obtain your patent faster. (more)

Price Range for Complete Preparation and Filing: $3000 - $6000

(Includes $800 in drawings and government filing fees.)

Provisional to Non-Provisional Application
In order to properly select this option, you must have already filed a Provisional Application describing your invention in the US Patent and Trademark Office within the last 12 months, and for our purposes, within the last 11 months. The step of “converting” the Provisional Application to a Non-Provisional Application is a required step toward receiving your patent. (more)

Price Range for Complete Preparation and Filing: $2000 - $6000

(Includes $800 in drawings and government filing fees.)

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Do I really need a Patent Search?

Technically... No. However, without a search you are essentially filing a patent application in the dark. This is the completely wrong way to file an application given recent case law. Read more details concerning this here. Plus, you should determine if your idea is sufficiently patentable before embarking on the relatively expensive process of obtaining a patent. Therefore, the Patent Search should be the first step you take before committing your time, energy, and funds toward any type of patent application endeavor.

A Patent Search is important for a least a two reasons:
  1. A Patent Search results in a stronger patent.
    A search allows the practitioner to gain the information required to draft the application according to the Patent Drafting Strategy we utilize to ensure the broadest protection possible for your invention.

  2. A Patent Search will save you time and money.
    This is important because before you spend any money toward the application process, you should determine if protection is in fact available. Plus, it allows us to draft an application that we believe is allowable in light of the search results, which cuts down on the time and money required to prosecute your application toward a patent.
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What does a Patent Search Cost?

The Patent Search fees are determined by the type of application you elect to file:
  1. For Design Patent Applications and Provisional Utility Applications the fee is $500. However, half of that fee will be credited toward the subsequent application fees. That means the net cost of the patent search is just $250.

  2. For Non-Provisional Utility Applications and when Converting a Provisional Application to a Non-Provisional Application the fee is $1000. But again, half of that fee will be credited toward the subsequent application fees, making the net cost of the patent search just $500.

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If I elect to do a Patent Search, do I have to pay for the search with my submission?

Yes. We believe that a Patent Search is so important to the success of the application and provides such a huge benefit to the inventor, that we (1) present this option at the onset of the submission process, and (2) we will credit back to you half the search fee in the quote for the application you select.

And to be completely straight forward, we want our clients to be both committed to this process and have the financial resources to get it done. Frankly, if you cannot afford the Patent Search (assuming that is the reason you did not select it and not because you have conducted an adequate search yourself) then you should reconsider beginning the patent application process.

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How long will it take to receive a quote after my submission?

You should expect to receive quote within 5 business days.

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How long will it take to have my application ready for filing after I have made my payment?

The application should be completed and ready for your review in 3-6 weeks.

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Once I approve the application and provide the signed documents, how long until it is filed and I am “Patent Pending”?

In most cases your application will be filed within a day or two. And because we file the application electronically, you will be provided confirmation of the filing, including the Application Serial Number and the Filing Date, that very same day.

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Once the application is filed, then what?

As for the application process, we will correspond on your behalf with the US Patent and Trademark Office concerning your application. Any documents received by the USPTO will be emailed to you and stored in your account.

Additional services will likely be required during the process of obtaining your patent. For example, an examiner at the USPTO will examine the application and determine if your idea is patentable. If the examiner concludes that it is not and rejects your application, we are able prepare a Response to indicate why we feel the examiner is wrong and/or make other arguments why your invention is indeed patentable so as to overcome the rejection and get your invention patented. This is called the “Prosecution” of the application. We will be able to provide services such as this during every stage of the patent process. Quotes for the additional services will be provided for your acceptance.

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How much does it really cost to obtain a Patent?

Simply put, to obtain a patent is not an inexpensive endeavor. Although we can’t tell you exactly what it will cost because of the variations from application to application, we want to at least provide you and idea as to what it might cost. As you will see, the main variable is the Prosecution Fees. The Patent Drafting Strategy that we utilize is designed to both produce a patent that has true value, but also minimize the Prosecution Fees. Prosecution is the “back and forth” with the USPTO that can take place in getting your application allowed, and is what increases Prosecution Fees. We strive to minimize the Prosecution Fees.

Design Patent
Preparation and Filing of the Application: $750 - $1500
(Includes $220 in Govt. Fees)

Prosecution of the Application: $300 - $1500

Issuance of the Patent: $430 - $700
(Includes $430 in Govt. Fees)

Utility Patent
Preparation and Filing of the Application: $3000 - $6000
(Includes $462 in Govt. Fees)

Prosecution of the Application: $300 - $2000

Issuance of the Patent: $1000 - $1300
(Includes $1000 in Govt. Fees)

What forms of payment do you accept?

We accept all major credit cards and debit cards via our fully encrypted online system. We can also accept a mailed check if that is a better option for you.

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Can you help me market my patent pending invention or license it to a company/manufacturer?

We understand the need for this type of service. We are also aware that this is fertile ground for invention promotion companies to take advantage of inventors. However, we are not a marketing company. Nonetheless, in keeping with our Philosophy of empowering inventors by providing them a viable option, when compared to invention promotion companies, we will work with inventors to compile a list of potential companies that might be interested in your invention and draft a letter on our letterhead on your behalf.

The letter would be geared to the specific needs of your invention and the companies we are addressing it to, and include an explanation of the invention and why it would be beneficial for the company to adopt it. If a company is interested, we can represent you in generating some form of sale or licensing agreement with them.

We will not, however, make you false promises or tell you that your invention is “the greatest thing since sliced bread” (maybe we will if it is). We will simply do what we say we’ll do. And, unfortunately, that is a lot more than most companies out there in the invention marketing/promotion business.

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